AGI Embarks on 5-Yr Innovation, Digital Transformation Program

Alliance Global Group, Inc. (PSE: AGI), the investment holding company of tycoon Dr. Andrew L. Tan, is embarking on a five-year Innovation and Digital Transformation Program, to future-proof its various businesses ranging from real estate, liquor, gaming and hospitality, quick service restaurants, and infrastructure.

The program focuses on addressing the need for its various companies to adapt to technological changes that affect its businesses.

These include innovations on smart home technology for its real estate businesses, e-commerce, logistics, transportation, property technology (PROPTECH), as well as customer service management.

“This program allows us to study our existing technology across all businesses and assess where we can further enhance them and achieve innovative solutions. This will also give us the opportunity to look for other new technological innovations, platforms, and companies where we can invest in, in order to support and improve our current business operations, and at the same time, make them profitable businesses on their own,” explains Kevin Andrew L. Tan, chief executive officer, AGI.

While the conglomerate empowers each company to roll out their own initiatives, it will focus on how to synergize the various efforts to cross-benefit each company.

AGI plans to form a core group, composed of representatives from its various companies, to come up with projects and share best practices.

“We are open to acquiring platforms, and even companies, that focus on particular innovations that are relevant to our various businesses,” reveals Tan.

Last year, Megaworld has initiated its iTownship program in order to build developments that are ‘future-proof’ and ready for the demands of the future. The program encompasses innovation in design, home technology, smart mobility, and even environmental sustainability, among others.

Emperador, on the other hand, has already upgraded its facilities and technology in brandy and whisky-making, including those used in its vineyards in Spain, and in its distilleries in Scotland. It is also actively pursuing the development of e-commerce platforms for its consumer products.

Travellers International Hotel Group Inc., owner and operator of Resorts World Manila (RWM), is working on further enhancing its RWM App to provide utmost convenience to all its guests and VIPs, such as making restaurant and hotel reservations, in just one touch. It is also working on enhancing the monitoring and operations of its gaming and hotel facilities through the use of data analytics.

Golden Arches Development Corporation (GADC), which holds the exclusive franchise to operate quick service restaurants (QSR) in the Philippines under the “McDonald’s” brand, is also at the forefront of revolutionizing customer experience in the QSR segment with the rollout of NXTGEN stores which feature innovations such as the self-ordering kiosks, modernized menu boards and card payment acceptance. GADC plans to roll out more NXTGEN stores this year, from its current 62 stores throughout the country.

“Part of the program is to be able to partner with relevant providers and technology-makers. Our vision is to make each company become ready for the future of business in the next 10 years,” adds Tan.

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