Profit Taking Wipes Out Gains

Manila—(PHStocks)—Philippine stocks fell below the 6,800-level as investors lock in their profits after the rally over the past few days.

The benchmark Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) dropped by 1.75% or 120.35 points to 6,762.38 today, 21 May, falling below the 6,800 level after reaching the highest level yet this year. All counters were in the red, led by the Mining and Oil sector, while shed 2.77%. The Property segment lost 2.11%, while the Financials declined by 2%.

Still, foreign buying reached PhP5.33 billion, while foreign selling was PhP3.98 billion, for a net foreign influx of PhP1.35 billion. Overall, value turnover reached PhP9 billion on 2 billion shares traded. There were 44 gainers against 148 losers, while 32 stocks were flat.

Top most active:

  1. Alliance Global Group Inc. (PSE: AGI): PhP29.90, -0.50%
  2. Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (PSE: MBT): PhP86.00, -3.91%
  3. BDO Unibank Inc. (PSE: BDO): PhP87.10, -1.80%
  4. Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PSE: TEL): PhP2,884.00, -0.21%
  5. Ayala Corp. (PSE: AC): PhP645.50, -0.69%
  6. Ayala Land Inc. (PSE: ALI): PhP32.40, -1.52%
  7. Universal Robina Corp. (PSE: URC): PhP149.80, -3.35%
  8. SM Investments Corp. (PSE: SM): PhP750.50, -3.47%
  9. LT Group Inc. (PSE: LTG): PhP14.40, -1.91%
  10. Megaworld Corp. (PSE: MEG): PhP4.54, -1.73%

Top gainers:

  1. Jackstones Inc. (PSE: JAS): PhP4.53, 24.11%
  2. Pancake House Inc. (PSE: PCKH): PhP33.50, 13.75%
  3. Transpacific Broadband Group International Inc. (PSE: TBGI): PhP2.07, 10.11%
  4. Forum Pacific Inc. (PSE: FPI): PhP0.164, 9.33%
  5. ATN Holdings Inc. “A” (PSE: ATN): PhP1.76, 7.98%
  6. Centro Escolar University (PSE: CEU): PhP11.26, 7.24%
  7. First Abacus Financial Holdings Corp. (PSE: FAF): PhP0.87, 6.10%
  8. Ever-Gotesco Resources & Holdings Inc. (PSE: EVER): PhP0.27, 5.88%
  9. Victorias Milling Co. Inc. (PSE: VMC): PhP5.05, 5.43%
  10. Sta. Lucia Land Inc. (PSE: SLI): PhP0.83, 5.06%
  11. TKC Steel Corp. (PSE: T): PhP1.88, 4.44%
  12. ISM Communications Corp. (PSE: ISM): PhP1.67, 4.38%
  13. PetroEnergy Resources Corp. (PSE: PERC): PhP6.25, 4.17%
  14. DFNN Inc. (PSE: DFNN): PhP8.01, 4.03%
  15. Manila Jockey Club Inc. (PSE: MJC): PhP1.85, 2.78%
  16. Lodestar Investment Holdings Corp.(PSE: LIHC): PhP0.81, 2.53%
  17. LMG Chemicals Corp. (PSE: LMG): PhP3.28, 2.50%
  18. Wellex Ind. Inc. (PSE: WIN): PhP0.188, 2.17%
  19. Waterfront Philippines Inc. (PSE: WPI): PhP0.32, 1.59%
  20. Mabuhay Holdings Corp. (PSE: MHC): PhP0.68, 1.49%

Top losers:

  1. Primex Corp.(PSE: PRMX): PhP2.66, -16.88%
  2. Da Vinci Capital Holdings Inc. (PSE: DAVIN): PhP1.53, -10.00%
  3. Asia Amalgamated Holdings (PSE: AAA): PhP1.99, -9.55%
  4. United Paragon Mining Corp. (PSE: UPM): PhP0.011, -8.33%
  5. Century Peak Metals Holdings Corp. (PSE: CPM): PhP0.89, -8.25%
  6. Yehey! Corp. (PSE: YEHEY): PhP1.34, -7.59%
  7. IP E-Game Ventures Inc. (PSE: EG): PhP0.013, -7.14%
  8. Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corp. (PSE: AT): PhP13.86, -6.98%
  9. Bright Kindle Resources & Investments Inc. (PSE: BKR): PhP2.67, -6.97%
  10. Cyber Bay Corp. (PSE: CYBR): PhP0.71, -6.58%
  11. Asian Terminals Inc. (PSE: ATI): PhP10.62, -6.02%
  12. Prime Orion Philippines Inc. (PSE: POPI): PhP0.53, -5.36%
  13. Oriental Petroleum and Minerals Corp. “A” (PSE: OPM): PhP0.018, -5.26%
  14. Prime Media Holdings Inc. (PSE: PRIM): PhP1.80, -5.26%
  15. South China Resources Inc. (PSE: SOC): PhP1.10, -5.17%
  16. Calapan Ventures Inc. (PSE: H2O): PhP6.40, -5.04%
  17. 2GO Group Inc. (PSE: 2GO): PhP2.85, -5%
  18. Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. (PSE: RRHI): PhP66.30, -4.95%
  19. DoubleDragon Properties Corp. (PSE: DD): PhP8.78, -4.77%
  20. Manila Mining Corp. “B” (PSE: MAB): PhP0.02, -4.76%

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